Apr 07

Everyone wants their home to be tidy, fresh and clean but it takes so much time to clean it! But some tips can help you to clean your home easier. 


Do you know what is the best way to clean your mirrors?  Some vinegar and old newspaper is all what you need to clean your mirrors and to keep them shining. Remember that your home looks cleaner when your mirrors are shining! 


Is your oven dirty? One day before your cleaning day just spray the oven with an oven cleaner and leave it the next day. It will make the oven cleaning easier for you and quick. 


The easiest way to clean your microwave is to put a cup with water in it on a high for 10min. The steam will help you to clean your microwave properly! 


To keep your fridge clean it is very important to keep only fresh products in it! If every month you clean your fridge with baking soda and water, your fridge will be every day fresh and clean! 


Is it very difficult to keep your bathroom clean without mood and mildew? Try to use Vinegar and Lemon Oil as cleaning materials for your bathroom, you will be very surprised from the results!