Simply Sparkles is a professional cleaning company founded to deliver second to none services and ultimate satisfaction to all the people in London. 

We offer a great variety of clean-ups ranging from the domestic one-off and regular cleaning as well as end of tenancy and after builders one to the deeply specialised carpet cleaning. And because we want to make your life better and simpler, we do deliver commercial and office clean-ups, as well. Thus we will perfect all kind of areas, no matter whether they are residential or business, common ones.   

Luckily, we manage to achieve the perfection we have always strived for thanks to our amazing employees. We always rely on the skilful and professional cleaners who have been working in the industry for a while, thus gained relevant and useful experience. And because the way you inhabit and live in your house changes every day, every month, every year, and no doubt with every generation, we train our cleaners to adapt to these alternations easily. The innovation and the development of technology are therefore our own path to success and we never make compromises with them.  

But when we come to clean your house, we never forget that you are in the centre and your own wishes, requirements and needs define the way we will perform our cleaning. We do not simply wipe and vacuum because our goal is not the removal of dust. What we aim for is an overall improvement in the condition of your house that will result in your better and happier life. Our cleaning teams are the modern magicians and your life-savers and that is why we guarantee a 100% satisfaction, and if you by any chance remain not content, we will come and clean again for free. That sure we are in our proficiency and final results.

We value your opinion and we want to hear your personal thoughts first. Only then we create our cleaning plan and begin. Rely on us and you will never regret it!