Welcome to our Cleaning Company!

Welcome to Simply Sparkles – your right choice and the guaranteed very best cleaning company in the London area. Through the years we have built our name and gained our reputation with the preciseness, skills, and always successful final results. Thus we deliver the highest quality of all kind of cleaning services and bring you a 100% satisfaction.  

The experience and techniques of our cleaners combined with the high efficiency of our detergents and tools lead to amazing professionalism. We transform and improve homes and make lives easier and way more simple. So no matter what kind of cleaning situation you have, trust us and soon your house will shine and you will be carelessly happy.  

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Why to Choose Simply Sparkles

  • Cleaning services are 100% guaranteed
  • Qualified cleaning service management
  • Highest quality cleaning services and materials
  • State of the art cleaning equipment
  • Superior quality workmanship
  • Hones and dependable labor
  • Supervisited janitors
  • Regularly scheduled inspections
  • Bonded and insured employees
  • Safe cleaning service procedures
  • 24-hour communication

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