Welcome to Simply Sparkles

Welcome to Simply Sparkles

Innovative Commercial Cleaning Solutions Based On Strong Family Values.

Simply Sparkles is a well-established British Owned company that you can trust for all your commercial and office cleaning needs. 

We are experienced in all areas of cleaning services and have been expanding our business since 2007. We attribute our success to a fortified commitment to our company attitudes towards delivering exquisite services through a culture based on the family values that inspired us to start Simply Sparkles. Our commitment to achieving excellence and 100% customer satisfaction is the reason why we strive to create a safe and clean environment that every employee and customer deserves. 

Our services go above and beyond simply cleaning, the relationships we form with our clients allow us to tailor the cleaning we provide so that the ultimate fulfilment is provided for them. We encourage communication and a bond so that we are able to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible discussing what they seek with us. 

We offer Comprehensive and customised commercial and office cleaning solution. We understand that there is no “one size fits all approach” when it comes to cleaning services. We offer adoptable and flexible approach to developing customised commercial and office cleaning services, specific to the client’s industry, office or other cleaning requirement.

We are honest, reliable and proactive in providing our cleaning services. We want to assure that you have the peace of mind that our team will get the job done efficiently and well. We will partner with you to formulate a customised cleaning solution that responds directly and fully to your unique needs, ensuring the utmost in cleanliness, safety and hygiene for your staff, clients and visitors, delivered with sensitivity, care and compassion from our operatives.

We are consistently out performing our competitors both in services provided and the price we offer.