Renovating your house is among the most exciting and life-changing tasks ever. Within a few hours, spending some money and much more efforts, you can totally transform your house. With only re-painting the walls, the bedroom would look like brand new. With only rearranging the furniture every room will look different. And if you are braver and actually let builders at home who will destroy the old and do everything anew, you will have a new house without changing places and losing your home. There is no way, you can remain indifferent. But in the same time, rebuilding, refurnishing, renovating or redoing your house directly means creating a lot of dirt and saying goodbye to the calmness and the coziness for a while. Once, you start, there is no way back. Cleaning every day after the builders leave is a total must, but does not actually change much. And when they are already done and you have to enter your new house, you need to spend a lot of time and efforts to make it inhabitable and livable again. And here comes the problem. With your busy everydayness and tense lifestyle, you just have no time for such complex, deep, and all-inclusive cleaning. However, we understand this perfectly and that is why we from Simply Sparkles offer the second to none after builders cleaning in the London area.  


And we do not simply clean. We transform the house just like the builders do. We change, improve, and perfect. And we leave your house in the best condition possible and you superbly satisfied. The truth is that we manage to achieve this greatness thanks to our professional cleaners mainly. The people we work with matter lots and actually they are the very best in the UK cleaning industry. 

They have gained experience and faced all kinds of cleaning problem. That is why they are so well prepared. But as we know that the technology and the way we furnish and live in our homes change every day, we train our cleaners frequently so that their skills perfectly well match your cleaning requirements. And when it comes to after builders cleaning the cleaners themselves and their techniques matter just as much as the detergents and cleaning tools, because if you can remove dust with any kind of cleaning product, there are some specifics when it comes to getting rid of paint, for instance. That is why we look for the best cleaning products. We find the professional suppliers that offer the strongest and most efficient detergents. We trace their ingredients and we make sure that they do not consist of anything poisonous. Of course, the air quality matters a lot when the builders have left and you are about to start living normally at this place again. But all those combined lead to the greatness we promise and deliver. We guarantee you perfection and true satisfaction. And we never let you down. So if you are in the London area, never hesitate to contact us!