Jul 10



If you feel tired from your daily routine and you feel depressed, clean your home and it will help you to clean your Mind!

Cleaning your home, throwing away of all old clothes, toys and everything else at home is like a shower of your mind! It clears your mind and prepare it for more significant tasks. When you choose one day of the week and make a plan of the spring cleaning at you home it helps you to be more concentrated, satisfied and to feel more comfortable.

There are some tips, which would help you to clean you home and mind!

  • Schedule a day when you will do the cleaning at your home in this way you will be sure that you will do it.
  • Start with the untidiest room in the house and do not stop until it is clean, tidy and fresh.
  • Start the cleaning during the morning because you will be more focused.
  • Throw out all old clothes, toys, and everything which you are sure that you will not use again!
  • And once when you make the spring clean at home, make as a habit every day. Every day do something for 15 min, it will help you to feel more satisfied, calm and it will keep your home every day fresh, clean and tidy!