Nov 13

Keep clean your home and be more healthier

"Cleanless is an important part of a healthy life. Washing helps to remove germs which cause illness"   A dirty home can caused  asthma, pass around colds, and spread dangerous bacteria.  Your home does not have to be steril but a clean, dust- free environment can help keep all family away the doctor. The outside world is so chaotic enough so why...

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Oct 13

Is your home ready for Christmas?

When the days start getting shorter and we start to make plans for the coming Christmas, it is the time when we have to start preparing our home for the cold season. It is very important to prepare your home for Christmas because it is the season when we will spend most of our time at home! There some tips which we believe that they will help you...

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Sep 21

How to Prepare our home for the coming Winter?

  We are sure that you are surprised how quick comes the winter again day after day. We have to prepare our home for the coming winter and the autumn is the right time to do it! We are happy to advices you of some important stages in the autumn cleaning. Take out the warmer weather bedding and reach for the down blanket. It will make you feel more...

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Sep 04

Prepare your home for the coming winter !

 The Autumn almost came! Pumpkins glow in golden fields and the days are shorter … The crisp mornings remind us that the winter will come soon and we have to prepare our home for it! The autumn is the right time for a deep cleaning at home for the coming winter and we will give you some advices how to paper your home for the winter and wrap up the...

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Aug 16

Cleaning Tricks at home

  Everyone knows how important is to keep our home clean and fresh but it takes so much time to clean it every week. There are some tricks which will make your cleaning easier and quicker.   Make a plan for this week cleaning Do you know that it is easier to make a plan for every week what you exactly will clean at home? For instance, during the...

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Aug 07

Cleaning tips

The weekly clean at home usually takes a lot of time but we will be happy to give you some advices, which can reduce the cleaning hours at home. Cleaning Materials It is very important to prepare in one bucket everything, which you need such as Gloves, windows cleaner, bathroom cleaner, bin bags, kitchen towels and etc. High traffic areas You...

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Jul 24

Cleaning tips

Do you know that sometimes the things which look clean are not so clean as they can be! Usually after our weekly cleaning at home we are calm that our home is clean and fresh but unfortunately, sometimes we miss to clean and to wash some things at home or we just do not do it on right way! Today we will give you an example of different mistakes...

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Jul 18

Tips for Fresh and Clean Work Place

Do you know that during our life we spend most of the time at work? Usually we do not pay a lot of attention of is our work place clean, fresh and tidy but it is very important for our health and for our professional success to keep our work place clean, tidy and fresh! Therefore, today we will speak more about how to clean your office and how to...

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Jul 14

Tips for fresh and clean Laundry

There are a lot of tips in the cleaning service which will help you to do your cleaning service at home quick, easy and proper but today we will give just some tips how to keep clean your laundry and fresh just with natural materials. Laundry Usually everyone uses very strong chemicals to wash their laundry with the idea that they clothing,...

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Jul 10

Clean Home means Clean Mind

CLEAN HOME MEANS CLEAN MIND   If you feel tired from your daily routine and you feel depressed, clean your home and it will help you to clean your Mind! Cleaning your home, throwing away of all old clothes, toys and everything else at home is like a shower of your mind! It clears your mind and prepare it for more significant tasks. When you...

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