Jul 14

Tips for fresh and clean Laundry

There are a lot of tips in the cleaning service which will help you to do your cleaning service at home quick, easy and proper but today we will give just some tips how to keep clean your laundry and fresh just with natural materials. Laundry Usually everyone uses very strong chemicals to wash their laundry with the idea that they clothing,...

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Jul 10

Clean Home means Clean Mind

CLEAN HOME MEANS CLEAN MIND   If you feel tired from your daily routine and you feel depressed, clean your home and it will help you to clean your Mind! Cleaning your home, throwing away of all old clothes, toys and everything else at home is like a shower of your mind! It clears your mind and prepare it for more significant tasks. When you...

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Apr 21

Cleaning Habits at home Full with Children

It is difficult to keep your home spotless but it is more difficult to keep clean and tidy your home full with children!  Instead of this, when you have children it is more important to keep your home clean and tidy because it influence on their health and habits in future! One of the best ways to keep your home clean is to create a small good...

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Apr 19

Cleaning Tricks at Home

The weekly clean at home usually takes a lot of time but we will be happy to give you some advices, which can reduce the cleaning hours at home. Cleaning Materials It is very important to prepare in one bucket everything, which you need such as Gloves, windows cleaner, bathroom cleaner, bin bags, kitchen towels and etc. High traffic areas You...

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Apr 07

Tips in Cleaning

Everyone wants their home to be tidy, fresh and clean but it takes so much time to clean it! But some tips can help you to clean your home easier.  Mirrors  Do you know what is the best way to clean your mirrors?  Some vinegar and old newspaper is all what you need to clean your mirrors and to keep them shining. Remember that your home looks...

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Apr 04

6 Ways to Clean your Home

It is very important to keep our home clean and fresh but usually it takes a lot of time, which everyone prefers to spend with their families and friends. We are happy to give you 6 advices how to keep clean your home easier! Window Blinds Everyone knows that it is very difficult to clean the dust from the window blinds at home and it takes a lot...

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Mar 30

Why The Spring Cleaning is Good for Us?

The spring came and we started thinking about spring cleaning, seriuos decluttering and reorganization at home. Whether we like it or not , the spring cleaning is a worthwhile excercise , which can also benefit on our health and wellbeing at all! There are 5 main reasons to believe that: 1. SPRING CLEANING INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY We are sure that...

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Mar 24

6 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean Every Day

1. Put Clothes Away When you take your clothes off or walk in the house, whatever your wearing should either be put away or put in the laundry.  Don’t throw your clothes over a chair or throw them on the floor.  Put your clothes back in their place at the end of the day without exception. It takes less time to do this each night than it does to...

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image of organizing and cleaning
Mar 07

Organizing, Cleaning, and Living Well

What is the first step of every good cleaning? Vacuuming? Dusting? Calling the professional cleaning team? And how could you maintain this place so well that you can always feel comfortably in it? Is all this possible in the today’s busy and fast pace world? Do we still have time for cleaning? And is cleaning still a duty we can tackle ourselves?...

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Best Cleaning Habits Image
Mar 07

The Best and Worst Cleaning Habit

In life it is all about the habits. You get easily used to do or not to do something and it defines how your days and nights and years would be going. You would either have a healthy breakfast every morning or just a double shot espresso instead. You will either go jogging after work or you will lay in front of the TV for hours. You will either...

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