Why should I choose you and not another cleaning company?

The number of competitors in the London area is constantly growing, but thus the difference in the quality we offer compared to them is just becoming more and more obvious. We do not clean for the immediate result only, but we improve the condition of your house, making ever other cleaning quicker and easier to perform. That is why, all our customers are super satisfied. And that is why, you can always rely on us!

How can I trust you when I let you in my house?

We are aware that letting someone in your home could make you anxious and that is why, we hire only people who have experience in the industry and all the permissions to work here. Also all our cleaners are totally insured. It is not just a person that arrives, but one of our professional and trustworthy representatives.

Is entire team taking care of my place or just an individual cleaner?

Well, it depends. Usually, a whole team would come for a deeper and more demanding cleaning as the end of tenancy and after builders one as well as for the commercial cleanings that include a large area. However, for the regular domestic cleaning we may send one and the same cleaner each time. Thus you can build a relationship with him and he or she can develop a valuable and useful cleaning routine. No matter the size of our work force though, the perfection is guaranteed.

Do I have to prepare something before the cleaning?

Prior the traditional domestic one off or regular cleaning you need not to do anything. The situation is the same prior the commercial clean-ups. However, prior the end of tenancy cleaning we ask you to pack all your stuff, as we prepare the place directly for the end of tenancy cleaning inspection. Also we would not be able to clean your house after builders if their materials and big bulks of trash are still at your place. The less things we find, the better we would clean.

What cleaning materials do you use?

The products we use contribute a lot for the efficiency of our cleanings. That is why, we find the best suppliers and then try out the products they offer. Thus we implement in our work only the efficient and strong detergents of high quality that actually clean. It is nothing you can find in the supermarket, but it is the second to none, we guarantee.

Do I need to provide you cleaning materials?

No. We bring everything we may need for cleaning your house even for the more complicated end of tenancy and after builders ones. However, if you have some requirements and if you want us to use a specific detergent, you need to provide it for us and we will no doubt use it.

Is it okay for my kids or my pets to be at home during the clean-up then?

We are aware of the fact that both your kids and pets feel very comfortable at home and we cannot insist on them being away. However, if your children are very young and your pets not really trained, we may find it hard to achieve the amazing final results we strive for. And we do not like making compromises with the quality of our cleanings. That is why, for your best we advise you to decide wisely whether leaving them at home would be an actually good idea.

Do I need to be at home while you are cleaning?

Not really. You need only to let us in your house. We will arrive perfectly equipped, having everything we may need to clean your house. That is why, you better use this time to do some work or chill out no matter whether you go in the park or in a café catching up with a friend.