Jul 24

Do you know that sometimes the things which look clean are not so clean as they can be! Usually after our weekly cleaning at home we are calm that our home is clean and fresh but unfortunately, sometimes we miss to clean and to wash some things at home or we just do not do it on right way!

Today we will give you an example of different mistakes which we usually do when we clean our home!


Too organised and tidy dishwasher

A lot of people put all spoons in the same direction in the dishwasher with the believe that in this way they will wash all spoons equally good. Today we will ‘destroy’ your believes!

When you put all spoons in the dish washer in the same direction, you are taking the risk to take out you spoons dirty.

The right way of leaving the utensils in the dish washer is with mixed directions! That means that some of them to leave them up and some of them to leave them down. In this way the water cycle in the dishwasher will be able to clean them properly!


We Love all –purpose cleaning materials!

We usually think that when we buy one all-purpose cleaning material, we will spend less money and also we will clean the whole house with one product.

NO! Usually the all-purpose cleaning materials are too weak to clean for example your stains in the bathroom and in the kitchen!

On other hand, sometimes we do the mistake to clean with strong cleaning materials for bathrooms our kitchen! Please do not do it, it can influence on your health!


Do you wash your coffee maker every day with a soap?

Usually people believe that something which they use every day and wash it is clean but do you know that just the water cannot clean the coffee oils from our coffee maker? Therefore, always use soap.

We hope that our advices will help you to keep you home clean and fresh!