Aug 07

The weekly clean at home usually takes a lot of time but we will be happy to give you some advices, which can reduce the cleaning hours at home.

  • Cleaning Materials

It is very important to prepare in one bucket everything, which you need such as Gloves, windows cleaner, bathroom cleaner, bin bags, kitchen towels and etc.

  • High traffic areas

You always have to start cleaning from the high traffic areas at home because in this way you will pay attention on every detail. The high traffic areas at home can be the bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and hallways.

  • Every day do something

We are sure that it sounds very annoying but try it! Every day spend just 15 min in something at home, for instance wash the dishes, hover or clean the dust. It will not take more than 15 min but it will reduce your time of the weekly cleaning and also it will make you feel better and more relaxed at home.

  • Take care for your curtains

If you wash your curtains once a month, you will keep your home fresh and you will reduce the dust! It also influences on your health, Do Not Forget It!

  • Make a Plan

It is very important to have a plan what you will clean every week because in this way you will not waste time to clean something, which is Clean.

For instance, the first week of the month Wash the curtains and clean the windows. The second week clean the oven and the all cupboards inside and etc.