Aug 16


Everyone knows how important is to keep our home clean and fresh but it takes so much time to clean it every week.

There are some tricks which will make your cleaning easier and quicker.


Make a plan for this week cleaning

Do you know that it is easier to make a plan for every week what you exactly will clean at home? For instance, during the first week of the month clean your fridge. Second week you can clean your oven and all kitchen cupboards inside and outside. In this way you home will be always clean and fresh and you will spend less time in cleaning.


Always Clean from the top to the bottom

One of the most important things to clean properly your home is always to clean it from the top to the bottom. For instance, when you clean the kitchen start from the top cupboards and finish with the floor.


Use Lemon

The lemon is stains killer in the kitchen you can use it for everywhere!  For instance, try do clean your sink and all plumbing fixtures, you will be surprised how easy you will make them sparkle.


Use your hover at the right way

Always hoover the entire length of the room in a straight row and every week hoover on the high traffic areas. In this way , you will always keep you home clean !