Domestic Cleaning

Your house is where you feel safe and certain. It is your shelter and castle and no matter how much you love traveling and how adventurous is your soul, you need a place to come back to. And it could be nothing fancy, but random and cozy. You need no countless bedrooms and bathrooms and big wardrobes. You need a comfy bed and a sofa, a little kitchen and little bookshelf and someone to share the warmth with. But unfortunately, you are busy and your lifestyle does not allow you to just spend all the time at home, maintaining it and taking care. You have no time and many duties. And at the end of the day, you have no energy, too. But this does not mean you do not want to have a clean house, but on the contrary – you need help so that you have an always perfect looking home. And here, we from Simply Sparkles come by, ready to help you. Our domestic cleaning is second to none and we are literary life-savers. So your search is over and the best cleaning team is already on its way to your place.

We want to make your place look better, but also be better in the long-run as well as leave you content.

Your requirements are our guidelines, but we do give you our advice, too, as our cleaners have great experience in the industry gained through long work and many clean-ups. And this is the one way we guarantee our successful final results – our people. They are professional and trustworthy, but they are skillful and well-prepared, too. And because we are aware of the fact that the technology and the way of living changes every single day, we train our experts on a regular basis. Thus they are becoming better and better in their work constantly. They know the cleaning problems one can face in a domestic environment and they have learnt how to cope with them all. And thus no matter whether you need a one-off cleaning of your house or you need a regular domestic clean-up, you can rely on us, because in both cases we will do our best to make your house look nice again.

And the truth is that we not only come and clean. We do not merely vacuum, dust, and wash the windows. Our ultimate goal is the obvious and actual improvement of your house as well as your ultimate satisfaction, which means that we want to make a difference, a change.

And because we are sure that you will be ultimately satisfied, if you find a flow we will come back and clean for free.

And in the meanwhile, you can simply chill out or meet some friends for lunch. The long weekends spent on your knees scrubbing the bathroom floor are over, because now this is our job. Leave all in our hands and you will never feel sorry. With the proficiency of our cleaners and the efficiency of our products and tools, the final perfection is guaranteed.