Upholstery cleaning tips
Nov 28

The Christmas Eve  is around the corner and it is time to refresh the house.

After the long autumn, your sofa needs a good clean up. 

Over time, soft furnishings like  armchairs and couches accumulate a lot of dust and durt.

However, it has some cleaning tips which help you to keep your soft furnishing clean and fresh longer:


  • First of all you need to vaccuming your upholstery weekly.

Get the upholstery attachment of your hoover and carefully run it over the furniture. 

Do not miss small, hard to reach places like corners and folds.

  • The next step is to safe your cushions.

You can safely wash removable furniture covers and throw pillows in the washing machine.

  • Refresh your sofa regularly.

You should open your windows to allow fresh air to circulate around the room and to air out 

your upholstery.

You can find a lot of  hacks for sofa cleaning but these tips and tricks can not

compare with professional  cleaning service.

This kind of service includes high level equipment and powerfull solutions in order to remove every  stains , dust, durt and to deep clean your soft furnishings .

Furniture manifecturers reccomend a professional cleaning service of your upholstery every season.