Sep 21


We are sure that you are surprised how quick comes the winter again day after day. We have to prepare our home for the coming winter and the autumn is the right time to do it!

We are happy to advices you of some important stages in the autumn cleaning.

  • Take out the warmer weather bedding and reach for the down blanket. It will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in the cold nights.


  • Make sure that the you have enough blankets and put them on a strategic places in your home because in this way you will be able easily to get them.


  • It is important to do a seasonal conversion in your wardrobe! Take out all autumn and winter clothes and pack your shorts and skirts for the next summer.


  • You also can add some rugs and cover up the areas around your sofa and bed where you usually walk with bare feet.


  • And not on last place Do not forget to clean and prepare the kitchen for the holiday cooking. Clean all kitchen cupboards and organise all kitchen supplies.