Sep 04

 The Autumn almost came! Pumpkins glow in golden fields and the days are shorter … The crisp mornings remind us that the winter will come soon and we have to prepare our home for it!

The autumn is the right time for a deep cleaning at home for the coming winter and we will give you some advices how to paper your home for the winter and wrap up the summer`s outdoor lifestyle.

First of all, we will advise you to pay more attention at the living rooms, family rooms and the entryways because these place are with the highest traffic at home and always clean form the top to the bottom.

Secondly, hoover all furniture or have a professional cleaning if it needs. You also can Wash the interiors windows and turn matrasses front-to- back and end to end to equalize wear.

Thirdly, schedule a carpet cleaning service earlier this month because the weather is warm and the carpet can dry faster.

Do not forget to clean and prepare the kitchen for the holiday cooking. Clean all kitchen cupboards and organise all kitchen supplies.

We hope that  our advises will help you to prepare your home for the coming winter.