Jul 14

There are a lot of tips in the cleaning service which will help you to do your cleaning service at home quick, easy and proper but today we will give just some tips how to keep clean your laundry and fresh just with natural materials.


Usually everyone uses very strong chemicals to wash their laundry with the idea that they clothing, bedding and towels will be washed properly and will smell fresh long time. Unfortunately, it does not happen sometimes.

Therefore, try to use more natural products such as Vinegar and baking soda for the washing of your laundry. You will be surprised by the results! The Vinegar and the baking soda will leave laundry clean and fresh!  


The laundry hampers

The laundry hampers usually are source of unwanted odours because of the dirty laundry in it. But one small trick can help you to keep the bad odours out of the hamper! Just place a baking soda at the bottom of the hamper and it will kill all bad odours in the hampers.


Washing Machine

It is very important to clean once a month your washing machine because it will help you to keep your laundry clean and fresh.

The best way to clean your washing machine is to put Vinegar and Baking soda into the detergent compartment and turn on the washing machine on 90 degrees!  It will clean your washing machine from the dirt and residue from the nooks of your machine.