Jul 18

Do you know that during our life we spend most of the time at work? Usually we do not pay a lot of attention of is our work place clean, fresh and tidy but it is very important for our health and for our professional success to keep our work place clean, tidy and fresh!

Therefore, today we will speak more about how to clean your office and how to keep it clean and fresh every day.

We are sure that it is very difficult to think about cleaning at the work place but if you keep your office tidy, clean and fresh every day you feel better and you will be more motivated to work!


Keep your work place always tidy!

Take five minutes and give a particular place of every item in your office! It might seem strange but in this way, it will be easier for you to keep your office tidy every day.


Keep your laptop always clean!

You might not believe how dirty can be your laptop at all!! Think how often you are touching it with dirty hands, and how often you eat in front of your computer.

There are microfiber wipes made for keyboards. Clean every morning and evening your laptop or computer with them! This small advice will help you to keep your laptop always clean!


Every day empty your bin and open the windows at the office every morning and evening!

We are sure that you do not have enough time to do it but please try! You will not spend more than 5 minutes but it will keep your office fresh every day!

We also want to point out that it is very important for your health too!


And our last advice is it keep all cleaning materials and equipment on one place.

Every Friday at the end of the long week, you will be able to spend 15 minutes to clean your desk and computer with cleaning materials such as windows cleaner, special wipes for computer and to hoover.

It will be faster and easier if you do not need to look for every material where is it. Therefore, put all cleaning materials in one bucket and always keep them there.