More and more people these days who live and work in London just do not have enough free time. These same people have houses and flats and rooms or differently said homes that need to be taken care of and maintained. And that is why there is plenty of cleaning firms that offer all kinds of services in the United Kingdom and especially in the London area. And because of this great variety, you may feel confused and find it hard to choose. But you better know that we from Simply Sparkles are here, ready to help you. And we do not want to just swipe and dust, but on the contrary, we aim higher. We want to improve the condition of your house in the long-run and that is why we bring you the perfection and the highest quality possible. And the best news is that we offer all these at completely reasonable prices.  

How are we cleaning better

So if you think how we stand out from our competitors and how are we cleaning better than the many individual cleaners that are working in the same areas as us, then the answer is pretty simple. We have the know-how, the materials, and the motivation. All our employees have been working in the cleaning industry for a while, thus gaining valuable experience and learning to face all kind of cleaning situations. We also always rely on professional, strong, and efficient cleaning products so that we may get rid of the stains no matter their origin. And last but not least, we want to leave you totally satisfied and your house in flawless condition.

That is why, we are preparing a specialized and personalized cleaning scheme and routine that fits the specifics of your house and in the same time answers all your wishes and requirements.  

100% satisfaction guarantee

And because we know that facts matter much more than words, we not only promise you perfection, but we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are somehow not content with the cleanings we perform, we will come and clean again for free. This is how sure we are in our very best and second to none final results and this is how sure you need to be, as well. So if you are ever wondering, which cleaning company in the London area to choose, your search is over. You can rely on us once and for all and we will never let you down, but always make your life simpler!