Oct 13

When the days start getting shorter and we start to make plans for the coming Christmas, it is the time when we have to start preparing our home for the cold season.

It is very important to prepare your home for Christmas because it is the season when we will spend most of our time at home!

There some tips which we believe that they will help you to make your Christmas at home nice and comfortable!

  1. Clean your Refrigerator!

Remember that our refrigerators get dirty and they need two times a year a serious cleaning! If you do not do it, it will start smelling bad and will not know exactly what you have in it!

  1. We will advise you to pay more attention at the living rooms, family rooms and the entryways because these place are with the highest traffic at home and always clean form the top to the bottom.


  1. Hoover all furniture or have a professional cleaning if it needs. You also can Wash the interiors windows and turn matrasses front-to- back and end to end to equalize wear.


  1. Do not forget to clean and prepare the kitchen for the holiday cooking. Clean all kitchen cupboards and organise all kitchen supplies.


  1. Take out the warmer weather bedding and reach for the down blanket. It will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in the cold nights.


  1. Make sure that the you have enough blankets and put them on a strategic places in your home because in this way you will be able easily to get them.

Have a nice Weekend!